M👁 Jewel of the Body Eye Butter by Mi Faro Naturals
M👁 Jewel of the Body Eye Butter by Mi Faro Naturals
Mi Faro Naturals

M👁 Jewel of the Body Eye Butter by Mi Faro Naturals

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What?  Butter for the eyes?! Well, I could just call it a ‘cream’ but that hardly seems fair.  This one has been specially formulated to keep our eyes looking bright, young, and full of life!

Because the recipe doesn’t call for any water or hydrosol, it can happily keep for up to a year! #sanspreservatives

  • I’ve included shea butter in this recipe, mostly because it’s probably the best cosmetic butter you can readily get your hands on. It’s such a wonderful ingredient in any skin care product, packed with nutrients that will nourish our skin, but also keep it moisturized with help from the various carrier oils that we’ve also included.
  • But let’s not forget that Rose Essential Oil! It’s possibly the most treasured of all the essential oils, saw coveted for its ah-mazing anti-aging properties. It will also soothe eye irritation, something all of us experience in this day and age with the amount of pollution and chemicals being pumped into our atmosphere every second.
  • Licorice root extract and tea tree oil are two ingredients I just can’t do without.  Both help to relieve any puffiness and pigmentation, leaving you with smoother, supple skin around the eyes.

>> PLEASE NOTE: I use this butter for the evening.  It can be used at other times, of course, but if you wear eye makeup: I would suggest keeping it off your lids during the day.  (This oil-based ‘dream-team’ even works well as an eye makeup remover… so… I think you get the picture. 😉)

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