M  👁 Face the Day Moisturizer by Mi Faro Naturals
M  👁 Face the Day Moisturizer by Mi Faro Naturals
Mi Faro Naturals

M 👁 Face the Day Moisturizer by Mi Faro Naturals

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From acne to dryness and everything in between, I’ve had a hard time finding the proper balance for the skin I’m in. Back in January, I decided that ordering cosmetics online or shopping at the local pharmacy were no longer cutting it.  Wherever I looked, there were mountains of plastic packaging that would eventually fill our landfills or be shipped to other countries and dumped there.  So I decided that I needed to learn a thing or two about all the stuff I’ve been using to clean and care for my face.  As soon as I discovered all the fillers and preservatives and synthetic compounds they put into stuff that’ll ‘make you look younger:’ I decided once and for all to go all natural. This COVID Pandemonium has given me a great opportunity to look at all the things that take up space in my life and see what I can ditch in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

I promised myself after a few months of using this face lotion recipe, that I’d share this remarkable simple, natural way to start your day.  With only a few ingredients, no dyes, no chemical preservatives, no fragrances. It’s non greasy and leaves my face feeling well moisturized. I also use it as a primer for my makeup in the morning, and I put a little on a cotton ball to clean off stubborn eye makeup whenever I have need.

When I first decided to make this all-natural face moisturizer, I started off tweaking a recipe for hand cream. I made some tweaks to customize it for my face. I cut out the cocoa butter, and added in refined coconut oil which has antibacterial properties and is great for the skin. I’ve added liquorice root powder, which boasts a powerful antioxidant (glycyrrhizin) the helps reverse UV damage and pigmentation; it also contains Licochalcone A that actually helps prevent sun-damage, by bolstering your skin’s natural defences.  Oil of lemon grass, packed with vitamin A & C, has astringent properties, which help to minimize your pores, as well as keep your oil levels balanced. I’ve added Green Tea Extract has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing skin irritation, redness and swelling.  There’s also a touch of Oil of Frankincense, which acts as an excellent astringent, healing scars and rejuvenating the skin for a fresher appearance over time.

Face the Day Moisturizer is a a fantastic face lotion— Whipped butter— recipe that I use regularly.

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