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I’d become enamoured with a deliciously ginger all-natural liquid shampoo and it was— you guessed it—packaged in plastic. Well, I was fed up with all this avoidable waste, so I did a little research and I came up with my own solid ginger shampoo bars. But I’d only really solved part of the problem.  My mom had been struggling with some solid shampoo bars that she’d bought while back.  Sure, they were cheap and zero-plastic and everything: but they just weren’t cutting it.  🦸🏻‍♀️ So now I was on a mission, or sorts, I needed to explore all the things that can be done with solid shampoos and oils and herbs. When searching for haircare, we usually get off the bus a few stops short of the proper solution.  Because let’s face it: availability is everything.  That’s what I was up against n’I knew it. But that’s not where this story ends. 

 Back in May meets June of 2021, I got fed up with shortages and restrictions and everything that no longer worked for me…. So I started thinking outside the box to figure out if there was something better we can do for the world right NOW

Inspired by something I heard a while back— Tapenga from Boy Meets World got her glorious locks from changing up her shampoo all the time— and trying to find better newer ways of naturally solving the zero-waste hair dilemma: I came up with three more shampoo blends.

  • GInger Twinz = shine and curls
  • Have a Goat Day Hair Repair =  moisture and thickener
  • Weed of Mars = rout booster and shine
  • Green Goddess = shine, Castile, floral bouquet

Everybody’s head of hair has a different makeup: with different wants and needs.  We all have things we’ve had too much of and stuff we can never get enough of and hair’s no different— m’I right?


It’s like you’re learning a whole new level of being you… but this time it’s your hair’s job to teach you something about life.

Want to learn more??  Know what I know??  I’m crazy eager to share all these new breakthroughs in real time.


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