About Us

Taking a year off the "doing things the way they’ve always been done" racket has taught me a lot about how we can adapt and learn new ways of doing just about anything… And then, when I got so very close to running out of my favourite shampoo - I had a breakthrough.

I pride myself on being #eco-conscious but COVID-19 has definitely taken its toll on everything recyclable and reusable— and green!! Yikes! Life in lockdown has been less than comfortable but I simply could not will myself to buy any more plastic packaging that would generate waste.

How can I wash my hair and be all groovy without wasting anything? #shampoobars and #conditionerbars or #leaveinconditionersprays are where it’s at.

So that’s where I started… at a pseudo-grass roots DIY #becauseyouhavenoexcuse kinda level.

My vision? MI FARO Naturals is your one-stop shop to find exciting zero-waste and earth-friendly ways of doing the everyday.

Join me on my #creative #ecowarrior #journey… I’ve developed my own line of all-natural handmade #selfcare and #beautyproducts… Taking special care to package my products in biodegradable, recycled/recyclable/reusable containers was only the beginning.

Let MI FARO Naturals give you a gentle nudge in the zero-waste direction… I’ve developed shampoo bars, conditioner bars and sprays, salves, cleaning products and an exciting line of age-defying all-natural skincare. This is stuff I use in my home and on my body each and every day… so now it’s your turn ;) to try and do things a lil’ differently. Maybe I can help you figure things out.

I will continue to develop exciting new products that will help us all. #thinkaboutlivingalittledifferently #thefuturedependsonwhatwedonow #chooseyourownadventure #goteamgo.