For years, I’ve been trying to adapt my face care routine to the changeable conditions of hormones, diet, and the environment.  I got all caught up in marketing and the ‘consumer rating’ of countless  blended moisturizers that might solve all my problems.  But then, COVID-19 hit and it got me thinking…

What’s really going on here?  Plastic is bad news… for our planet, for animals, and oceans— everything!  How can we make a positive change that we can share and share and share!!    All natural, chemical free personal care products are the future!  It’s already happening…. Now let’s take it up a notch and zero our plastic footprint!! Recycling isn’t going to solve our big whopping plasticized problems!!  

Well, my friend, your FUTURE-self is here to remind you that we owe it to the world to think twice about buying chemicals dressed in plastics.  

M👁 Va-Va-Voom Age-less Skin Care Solutions is made from all-natural earth-friendly alternatives packaged in refillable glass containers.  From almost running out of a few essentials, packaged in plastic, to researching and blending my own organic chemical free products: I’m here to show you that it can be done.

In my travels— virtually speaking of course = hello? covid-19), I’ve learned a lot about your skins natural healing cycles… and then there was all that stuff about vitamin C, and niacinamide (vitamin B-3) and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and hyaluronic acid etc.  I’ve blended my own specialized combinations in my skin care products and I’ve gotten fantastic results…. So I want to share them with you!  Following months and months of research and TESTING—on yours truly— I’m offering an assortment of skin care choices that are flexible…

Visual grid of results from M👁 Va-Va-Voom Skincare Essentials Program

M👁 Va-Va-Voom Age-Less Skin Care Solutions offers a variety of serums, moisturizers, lotions, gels, toners and butters: so you can fine-tune and tailor your facial care regimen to your heart’s delight!!

Give your skin a WAKE-UP call by ramping up your super-powered vitamin C with either M👁 JuIce It Up Vitamin C toner (w/ HIbiscus) or M👁 Rise & Shine Serum.  Putting a nutritious layer of vitamins as a base sets the stage.

So, after cleansing: facial toner comes first, followed by serum, and then a cream.

I’m currently using three all natural moisturizers…

M👁 Face the Day Moisturizer is a simple, no-nonsense three ingredient facial lotion that blends raw. coconut oil with Licorice root, green tea extract, vitamin e, and frankincense. It’s a great finishing layer of oils and botanicals.  It also works well as a natural makeup remover.

For day time, I park M👁 Face + LIFT the Day Moisturizer on top of M👁 Rise & Shine (above.) It’s got all the benefits of M👁 Face the Day Moisturizer PLUS a kick of Niacinamide (vit B3) and MSM Powder. This works really well with the Vitamin C portion of our show.  Layering these natural chemicals allows for a more complete, self-balancing approach:a stuff goes wherever it is needed and all hands are on deck. 😉 I don’t do this every day… but sometimes I like to feel a little work being done.  This layered bio ‘tag team’ naturally lifts and moisturizes = giving your face everything it needs to bounce back. 

Giving your body everything it needs to renew and redo is only the beginning.    My own hands on experience with these products has taught me a lot about how our skin learns new things.  Most of us are looking for ‘solutions’ or the next best thing to make things better.  I used to get so hyper focussed on the end-result/prize that I never sat down and thought about what might be going on at ground zero.  Bandaid, quick-fix solutions don’t really address the issues we’e facing at source… So let me invite you to take a step back from your ‘problem’ and discover what’s really going on here. and we laying with different combinations of layers—  revealing a youthful younger glow.

>> Please note: all our glass bottles are washed at high temperature, then sterilized, then sealed for your protection.  Remember my friends, there’s no middle-man/woman here: you’re getting products directly from the sanitized hands that made them. <<