M👁 Rise & Shine Glow Boosting Serum by Mi Faro Naturals
M👁 Rise & Shine Glow Boosting Serum by Mi Faro Naturals
Mi Faro Naturals

M👁 Rise & Shine Glow Boosting Serum by Mi Faro Naturals

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M👁 RISE & SHINE Glow Boosting Serum gives you a helping hit of skin-revitalizing and joy-giving radiance.

For skin that needs a little va-va-voom, it helps your face to feel more refreshed and energized. Who doesn’t need that from time to time? And if you’re faced with dull or tired skin then this luxurious vitamin C cream will never leave your side.

Just like our Vitamin C toner and serum, our vitamin C moisturizer is infused with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C Powder), paired with a  ferulic acid. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, ferulic acid is most often found in anti-aging skin creams, where is it believed to neutralize free radicals that damage and age cells. Ferulic acid serves a dual purpose here: stabilizing vitamin c.  (FYI: the most potent form of Vitamin C is an unruly guest that only sticks around for about a couple weeks and then it looses its oomph) We’ve also included Licorice Root Extract to combat skin discolouration, brightening and boosting your complexion.

Combined in our formula, we’ve added Vitamin E which boosts absorption for vitamin c, helps repair UV damage and regenerate cells. And the benefits of our Rise and Shine formula don’t stop there. It helps to brighten the look of skin while retaining moisture = an excellent way to start your day. (It’s a SERUM… and that means it goes on between you toner and moisturizer.) 

This fresh, lightweight Rise & Shine Vitamin Serum takes the hard work out of a healthier-looking glow. It’s also enriched with a Hyaluronic Acid in gel formula, helping to refresh your complexion. Just smooth it on and soak up a bounty of  Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C and vitamin E benefits for skin.

  • Perfect for dull, sleepy and grumpy skin
  • Infused with vitamin c & e
  • Enriched with refreshing naturally derived hyaluronic gel
  • Boost of hydration for your skin

Packaged in a 2 oz Cobalt Glass Dropper Bottle

Total Weight of 123g = 62g gel suspension fluid + 61g bottle



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